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Baldi's Basics in Vore dumbtitleIknow by BeatemBaeLuna Baldi's Basics in Vore dumbtitleIknow :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 28 60 Acey Mouf by BeatemBaeLuna Acey Mouf :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 25 13 Pin Up Dog (wip) by BeatemBaeLuna Pin Up Dog (wip) :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 17 30 Loki stuffed asfgh I guess by BeatemBaeLuna Loki stuffed asfgh I guess :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 16 12 paint test by BeatemBaeLuna paint test :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 36 11 Now that's just yucky by BeatemBaeLuna Now that's just yucky :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 19 13 Temporary Fix by BeatemBaeLuna Temporary Fix :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 50 31 Fanboying by BeatemBaeLuna Fanboying :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 15 10 burp alt by BeatemBaeLuna burp alt :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 49 31 A work in progress by BeatemBaeLuna A work in progress :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 51 1 Tasty Mortals by BeatemBaeLuna Tasty Mortals :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 25 9 Lonki (hint-its vore) by BeatemBaeLuna
Mature content
Lonki (hint-its vore) :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 60 35
2 for 1 by BeatemBaeLuna 2 for 1 :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 25 10 Full Lokitty by BeatemBaeLuna Full Lokitty :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 22 10 My new signature by BeatemBaeLuna My new signature :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 12 10 Fursuit Head Plan by BeatemBaeLuna Fursuit Head Plan :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 18 6

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Fursona's by Thatknuxandsilverfan Fursona's :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 1 0 Question before battle by Thatknuxandsilverfan Question before battle :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 1 0 Scared galore by Thatknuxandsilverfan Scared galore :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 1 0 Hybaos and scampblis by Thatknuxandsilverfan Hybaos and scampblis :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 2 0 Dee and val - Galaxians and chao's by Thatknuxandsilverfan Dee and val - Galaxians and chao's :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 2 0 More creatures and fails by Thatknuxandsilverfan More creatures and fails :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 1 0 The galaxy's charmer by Thatknuxandsilverfan The galaxy's charmer :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 1 0 Masked dee - devil doom : Galaxian mask attack by Thatknuxandsilverfan Masked dee - devil doom : Galaxian mask attack :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 1 0 Even more draws by Thatknuxandsilverfan Even more draws :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 1 0 Shadow the Hedgehog Ate Tom and Zack by Midnight-Fantom
Mature content
Shadow the Hedgehog Ate Tom and Zack :iconmidnight-fantom:Midnight-Fantom 3 2
Hiccup's Maw by ChiisaiKabocha17 Hiccup's Maw :iconchiisaikabocha17:ChiisaiKabocha17 11 6 Voyeur by ChiisaiKabocha17 Voyeur :iconchiisaikabocha17:ChiisaiKabocha17 9 4 Daisy~ by DoremiSanyouluv Daisy~ :icondoremisanyouluv:DoremiSanyouluv 9 0 For MeltingMist by Sylveon17 For MeltingMist :iconsylveon17:Sylveon17 7 2 SNK Vs. Capcom Card: Felicia by Magnus8907 SNK Vs. Capcom Card: Felicia :iconmagnus8907:Magnus8907 86 21
just a gift for BeatemBaeLuna, Ike ate Enuna!! by ZetaVore

At with Beatembaeluna by GamingInGreen13

Super Belated Birthday Gift!!! (Shadow Vore) by Valora390

The Fun Has Been Doubled! by SegaChick94

LvL up by Voretriloquist

Enuna Lune by BigClaudia

ENUNA THE HUSKY (GIFT #2) by Super-DoritoFire-Fox

Birthday Morning Indigestion {NOT MY ART/GIFT} by BeatemBaeLuna

Gift for BeatemBaeLuna by BigClaudia

Birthday gulps! by ShinChuAndTeitus

The (self-proclaimed) Master of Kinks by Thunder-Clap-Clide



Ike, Loki, and Talon NEVER FORGET

I'm shit posting again sorry


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Also known as: EnunaBaeLune, LuluDoggit, and Moon Meister

Soundcloud by BeatemBaeLuna SOUNDCLOUD:

Kink Master custom by BigClaudia
Emblem made by :iconbigclaudia:

Red Star Ring Sprite by JaysonJean Red Star Ring Sprite by JaysonJean



{EMOTE} :checkmark: by I-n-s-a| Oral Vore | Burping | Digestion | Farting | Belly inflation | Belly Stuffing | Watersports | Emeto | Micro/Macro | Maw Shots | Hetero/Homosexual Relationships | Furries | Anime | Belly Noises | Bellies in general | Muscles | Smelly Body Smells | Cute stuff | Portraits | Feet/Paws | Gore | Chubbiness | Navels/Navel Play | Artistic Nudity | Mild Sexual Themes | Regular Fanart/Furry/Anime/Cartoon art | {EMOTE} :checkmark: by I-n-s-a


{EMOTE} :redx: by I-n-s-a | Female preds | Female burps | Scat | Female Bellies | Soiling | Hyper Weight Gain | Slob | Snot | Unbirthing, Anal, Cock, Navel, Nasal, Tail, or Breast Vore | Hardcore Sexual Themes | Transformation | {EMOTE} :redx: by I-n-s-a

/>Heya guys! So let's get the obvious out of the way-yeah I draw some pretty weird and strange stuff. I've got quite a few kinks, but for the most part my art doesn't delve into the sexual aspect of said subject, meaning I don't usually draw any blatant sexual inuendos embedded in my pictures. I don't censor my art because of that reason, so if anyone complains about it, oh well. Yeah not everybody is gonna like it, but fortunately (most) humans are born with the ability to move on from something if they don't like it! (I'm talking to you bitchers out there). I'm a non-profit artist who draws mainly to please everyone who shares a similar interest with one of my many, as a fun time passer. :) I draw/create other works of normal art in differing mediums outside of the internet, but I don't post them so I can conceal my identity. Don't ever be afraid to just say hi, I don't bite I swear! Just comment on my page or send me a note if you wanna start up a chat! I love all of my loyal friends and followers, without you guys I'm nothing!! So thank you, everyone, for making my life much more enjoyable online! Other than that, feel free to browse my gallery (or hell hole whichever you wanna call it). I can be a little controversial at times but nothing too harmful I hope. Just a heads up. I also enjoy making some digital music tracks at times. .

Enuna by NumyPome2

I pretty well draw everything

Preystamp by trickypup Cosmo is just a walking salad STAMP by Petrolia-Conspiricy VORE by Dametora Not My Fetish by sora-belly

My birthday badge

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.:Comm:. Beatembaeluna by ForrestFyer

Gift ~ a dark present by Thatknuxandsilverfan

AT with beatembealuna by Bonnie-Wabbit

ike is a cool dude by r0yalblue

Ike (From Fire Emblem) and BeatemBaeLuna by FFPhilum

Couple by BigClaudia

Credit to

Merry Happy New Year! by BigHungryKitten

Bluey is hungry by Sploshie


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AxelTheJackal Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you open on point commissions?
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Not yet sorry
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Hey sup its been forever since we talked thanks for all those recent favorites
awesome smiley animated 
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Hey no problem! If you ever wanna talk just say hi
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i get so shy but i wanna talk its hard for me a lot of times i have no idea what to say
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